Food Photography that stands out in Tokyo

High quality food photography is a game changer

High quality food photography is a game changer

When marketing a food business - be it a restaurant, food stall, bar or café - an image truly is worth a thousand words. High quality food photographs can leverage the best qualities of your dishes, making it impossible to ignore.

Tokyo has more than 160,000 restaurants and 230 Michelin star establishments!

It’s no wonder that, in a city with the second highest restaurant density in the world, standing out from the competition is essential.

Word of mouth still holds an important place in acquiring new customers in Japan. But make no mistake: in our connected society, people rely on social media accounts, blog reviews and images available on search engines to make their final decision. Professional food photography is the key to transform curious passers-by in loyal followers and passionate customers.

Increase online visibility, boost conversions and drive up sales

How do great food photos help you? Firstly, remember that bad photos abound online. If you have enticing photos that highlight the quality of your food, you will be quickly visible amongst the poorly-lit and out of angle pictures. Secondly, you will incentivize people to share your images, reaching a much wider audience! Last but not least, professional food photography is able to capture the particular “flavour” of your restaurant and showcase what makes it unique to the world.

Whether you plan to launch an Instagram campaign, optimize your website to attract more visitors, hand-out leaflets in the streets of Tokyo, list your business in a food delivery platform or enhance your menu with mouthwatering pictures, choose high quality photos to open people’s appetite!

As you can see, food photography is a deal breaker for any business in the food & beverage industry.

It can make or break your marketing efforts amidst the ever-growing competition of both big restaurant chains expanding in Japan and the traditional small, niche eateries that are so common in Tokyo.

Ready to reap all the benefits of great photos and achieve much more for your business?

We will help you find the best photographer to make your menu come to life. No need to spend countless hours searching for, contacting and negotiating with several freelancers and photography studios.

Klaud9’s on-demand photography platform makes it much quicker and easier, sourcing experienced food photographers in Tokyo and around the world.

Within 24 hours, we assign an expert to your food photoshoot.

Tell us what you need, filling an intuitive online brief. After the shoot, shortlist your top images for editing. Lastly, download the final pictures in high resolution and share them with the world!

Need something a bit different? Contact us and we will create a custom package that meets all of particular needs. Regardless of your choice, your photographs have a commercial use license, giving you the freedom to use the photos anywhere in the world, in any media, for a lifetime. No headaches and no stress.

Join the ranks of our satisfied clients, like Michelin star Gaig Restaurant, Guccio Ristorante and Quandoo.

Discover why Klaud9 is the go-to resource to hire the best local food photographers.

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