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Photo Challenges

Compete against some of the best photographers throughout Asia and the rest of the world. Enter your photos today and win up to SG$200 worth of prizes. Support fellow photographers by voting and commenting on their photos.

Keep Calm and Join the Photo Contests.

Keep Calm and Join the Photo Contests.

Klaud9's photography competitions celebrate the work of photographers and videographers from across the globe. Photographers enter our photographic competitions from Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and the rest of the world. We have photographers from across the globe entering our international photography competitions. Whether they are professional or amateur photographers submitting photos taken on their mobile, smartphone or professional cameras, the standard is high and so is the competition.

Our photo challenges run throughout the year on a variety of themes from events, photography styles, subjects, photographic categories, destinations and more.

All photographers are welcome to join Klaud9's photo contests from those just starting out using their camera phones, amateur photographs to seasoned professional photographers using the latest DSLR's.

Whether you're a portrait, wildlife, architecture or abstract photographer with new challenges each week, you’ll be sure to find a photographic competition to suit your style.

Klaud9's photo competitions are free to enter and international challenges open to photographers anywhere in the world meaning you will have the chance to reach a thriving community of creatives giving you the opportunity to learn and compete with the best, meet new like-minded creatives and improve your skills.

Our photography competitions are regularly sponsored by the region's leading brands meaning that the prizes are always awesome and exclusive to Klaud9. As well as cash prizes, past participants have won high-end equipment, luxury items, cash and more. All photographers can vote for their favourite images and add personal comments & likes!

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