Food Photography in Singapore made easy

High quality food photography is a game changer

High quality food photography is a game changer

In such a competitive market as Singapore, restaurants and food business need to find the highest return marketing strategy to standout. More than ever before, visual content is king, and is the key to get your brand in people’s mouths (pun intended!).

If your business is all about food, then your menu and carefully-crafted dishes deserve to be seen as they really are: delicious.

However, anyone that has ever tried to snap a photo of a particularly good-looking dinner knows how challenging it can be. It might smell heavenly, taste amazing and look great to the naked eye… until the photo is taken and all the charm is lost. When it comes to your business, you can’t run this risk.

Having creative and high quality food photos gives you another advantage: it makes social media work in your favour that much more. Not only it will help you get more followers, but it will also increase the number of people sharing your images. As a result, your business you reach a wider audience.

Furthermore, whenever people browse for a restaurant or café in Singapore and your pictures come up, you will have a much better chance to be singled out - specially when compared with blurry, dark, low quality photos other businesses use.

Words can only convey so much. Businesses like Singapore based Guccio Ristorant understand that.

We worked with Guccio to bring their dishes to life, producing great content quickly and at low cost!

Ready to reap all the benefits of great photos and achieve much more for your business?

As you can see, it has never been easier to book a food photo shoot in Singapore, with great pricing for your restaurant, bar or café.

Klaud9 is an innovative on-demand photography platform that finds the perfect Singapore based food photographer for your needs.

Using artificial intelligence and our ever-growing network of freelancer photographers, we are able to assign a professional to your project within 1 day.

Within 24 hours, we assign an expert to your food photoshoot.

Tell us what you need, filling an intuitive online brief. After the shoot, shortlist your top images for editing. Lastly, download the final pictures in high resolution and share them with the world!

Need something a bit different? Contact us and we will create a custom package that meets all of particular needs. Regardless of your choice, your photographs have a commercial use license, giving you the freedom to use the photos anywhere in the world, in any media, for a lifetime. No headaches and no stress.

Join the ranks of our satisfied clients, like Michelin star Gaig Restaurant, Guccio Ristorante and Quandoo.

Discover why Klaud9 is the go-to resource to hire the best local food photographers.

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