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It’s completely free for our photographers to sign up to our stockphotos, briefs and photo challenges. We want you to sell your great photos and be rewarded for your creativity and your hard work. There are 3 ways for you to increase your earnings. Start submitting your photos now to:

1. Stockphotos

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Our customers need great, creative and high resolution photos, minimum 4 megapixels.

Make sure your tagging is relevant to the picture and that you upload a model release form to increase your sales and protect yourself from any copyright issues.

Upload as many photos as you can. The more great photos you upload the higher the chances you have of making high earnings.

If you upload your photos exclusively to Klaud9 you can earn 60% royalty fees. If you decide to upload your photos non-exclusive you will earn 40% royalty fees.

You can increase your earnings selling your photos on "Market Freeze" but you must have uploaded them exclusively to Klaud9 beforehand.


Our creative team revises all submitted photos personally and follows strict guidelines to ensure the high quality of our photos. We take minimum 24 hrs to revise and release your photos to the stockphotos so you can start selling.

  1. Multiple ethnicity tagging - we guarantee our creatives that when they buy our photos the ethnicity of the model is properly tagged
  2. Title spamming - no repetition of titles across different photos
  3. Wrong tagging - tags are not relevant to the photo
  4. Quality - Low quality of photo and low resolution
  5. Trademark or copyright - you might have infringed trademark or copyright

2. Briefs

You can increase your earnings by submitting your photos to personalised photo briefs launched by advertising agencies and great brands in this region. Submit your photos to specific briefs and earn 50% royalty fees if your photos get selected.

Make sure you follow the photo brief. If our brands do not purchase your photos they could still be accepted by our Creative Team to be released to our stockphotos for you to keep earning money with them.

3. Photo Challenges

Compete against the best photographers throughout Asia and the rest of the world in Klaud9's photo challenges. You can earn cash and product prizes!

  • Enter today and earn up to S$200 in cash or products from your photos per challenge
  • You can submit photos to our photo challenges that you might have already uploaded to our stockphotos or to briefs
  • Support your fellow photographers by liking, voting and commenting on their photos

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