The Challenge

Torch booked a pre-paid on-demand photoshoot to showcase their products in their website, social media channels, and paid ads. The lifestyle shoot should take place in Kyoto, with a female model according to their defined criteria.

The Solution

The photoshoot was assigned to Klaud9's top lifestyle photographer in Kyoto, who sourced a local talent according to the client’s needs. After the products were shipped from Indonesia to Japan, the photographer quickly shot 85 photos in charming & thematic yet free-of-charge locations. Klaud9 helped to manage the photoshoot in a timely manner so that it was completed shortly before pandemic restrictions were in place.

Following guidelines outlined in the brief and in the reference photos, the shoot resulted in natural and spontaneous-looking images, as requested by Torch. The final 20 edited photos captured the model and the products in different angles and poses, providing a variety of visuals for their marketing efforts. Klaud9 platform acted as a great tool for Torch who was expanding their startup in different regions and needed to create visual content in different countries.

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