The Challenge

Standard Chartered Bank wanted to launch a Futureproof (retirement planning) campaign that targeted multiple segments - from Priority Banking (affluent, premium level) to Personal Banking. The campaign was to feature a series of visuals - featuring 3 different talents in a studio setting, then etch out the talent photos to superimpose into a lifestyle background stock image each.

The Solution

A detailed brief, divided into separate scenes, was launched on the Klaud9 platform by Standard Chartered Bank’s advertising agency - Brilliant Agency Singapore. The brief included the overall tone for the photoshoot, reference photos and guidelines for the talent, setting, wardrobe and lighting preferences.

A photographer in Singapore was sourced to carry out the photoshoot. The photographer worked with the Creative Director of the Agency to shoot the required photos in the accurate angle and position, so they could be accurately superimposed into the lifestyle background stock images. The shoot was planned and completed within a very short timeline.

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