The Challenge

Fresubin needed a large volume of custom-shot photos for each of their target audiences, from senior adults to recovering patients. Images should follow reference photos for composition, layout and posing guidelines, producing candid and authentic visuals. Female and male talents, as well as specific locations, needed to be sourced for each photoshoot.

The Solution

Fresubin created a brief with instructions for 6 photoshoots with multiple scenes each, focusing on different target groups. For each scene, reference photos provided guidelines for the photographer’s work. Klaud9 then sourced a talented and experienced photographer in Singapore, who sourced talents, locations and props for the shoots. Brand products were shipped to be featured in the photos.

In total, 35 scenes across 6 photoshoots were completed, with over 3000 photos shot and 130 final edited photos delivered through Klaud9’s platform. The variety of images in different settings - outdoor, home and hospital - with various talents were ready to be used in social media, website and marketing campaigns.

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