The Challenge

Carte d’Or wanted to create natural looking lifestyle and food & beverage photos in one of their Gelateria shops offering their premium ice cream. The images were to be used in Carte d’Ors social media campaign to engage with their customers. The objective of the photoshoot was creating appealing food photos as well as showing the exciting experience of enjoying Carte d’Or products.

The Solution

Klaud9 quickly sourced a photographer to create the photos in Madrid, Spain. The flow of constant clients during the shoot made it more challenging for the photographer to capture the staff preparing the variety of ice-creams, however he managed to deliver appetizing and beautiful lifestyle images in a few hours. He shot 300+ photos capturing the preparation process of crêpes and waffles, the quality of the service and offerings, and the overall enjoyment of both staff and clients. The photos were edited according to the client’s guidelines, emphasizing the warmth and liveliness of the experience with Carte d’Or. A total of 71 high-quality, edited images were delivered within the project deadline. Learn more about our on-demand Food and Beverage photoshoot packages.

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