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It can be challenging for creatives & marketers to find the right photo or video. Especially, when the visual content they're looking for is very unique or when the deadline is very tight. This takes a lot of time and energy!

At Klaud9, we've encountered numerous clients that needed new visual content for their campaigns but did not have enough time or resources to get everything done in good time. Online Brief is the perfect tool to help you meet your creative objectives and tight deadlines.

How does Online Brief / crowdsourcing of photos work? Define your creative goals by describing the visual content needed, the timeline and the budget. As soon as the brief is clear & accurate in your mind, simply fill in the description and information on our Online Brief homepage. You should also choose the visual references that best suit your project. The whole process can be done in just a few clicks!

Once the detailed brief is submitted, our amazing community of creators will rapidly shoot and send their most mesmerizing photos and/or videos. There are great contributors from everywhere in the world, with different styles and subjects that surpass those offered by traditional agencies. Online Brief is thus a great way to move beyond the limitations of stock images.

There is no obligation in purchasing any of the submitted photos or videos. Just purchase the ones you really love and use them for your marketing campaigns.

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